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Tips for acing an ONLINE job interview.

Job interviews can be daunting—especially if your prospective employer wants to chat face-to-face online.      While online interviews are similar to traditional, in-person meetings, they have some major differences that candidates should be prepared for. For example, depending on the type of online interview you are participating in, there are some instances where you are just recording your answers instead of

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How to be happy at work

Fulfilling carriers require your employer to offer free food, massages and pay better than the market. You don’t need to work for a unicorn tech company to find happiness at work. Research shows that true professional satisfaction stems at least partially from factors within your individual control. Here are a few tips that you can apply to yourself to increase your joy

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How to prepare for a corporate Layoff.

When rumors of impending layoffs ripple through an organization, panic often ensues in the ranks. Whispered conversations at water fountains break rooms and cafeterias are sprinkled with euphemisms like downsizing, redundancy, streamlining and restructuring. Whether the scuttlebutt is genuine or results from misread signs and incorrectly interpreted intelligence, the prospect of losing one’s job strikes fear in the hearts of all.

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