Inspirational habits of highly productive people.

We all look at highly productive folks as machines or wizards. But by studying about how efficiently they work and overcome challenges we all experience, its possible to boost our own productivity as well. We will mainly focus on challenges like: Boring work. Responding to messages and emails while working. Staying motivated and energized throughout the entire work day. Focusing

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Tips That Will Help you Restart your career at a positive note.

Returning to the professional life after a career break seems very difficult for everyone. Companies often think that the candidate has lost the relevant skills due to career break and they start refusing such profiles. Many women on career break are facing such difficulties to return back to their professional life irrespective of their passion to get back to work.

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Tips for acing an ONLINE job interview.

Job interviews can be daunting—especially if your prospective employer wants to chat face-to-face online.      While online interviews are similar to traditional, in-person meetings, they have some major differences that candidates should be prepared for. For example, depending on the type of online interview you are participating in, there are some instances where you are just recording your answers instead of

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